About The founder

I am Jayanna Balla, I am post graduate in social sciences from a Reputed Bangalore University. I gained experience by working in an organisation to acquire rudimentary knowledge of what is meant my “Service”. My commitment and endeavor have provided me a spring board of action.


Since I graduated my insatiable thirst is to serve helpless, hapless and downtrodden people goaded me to take up their cause in right earnest. I started an organization by name Rural Reconstruction Society (RRS) at Angallu near Madanapalle of Chittoor Dist, AP.


My aim is to alleviate the suffering of the people, by introducing and executing the schemes that impact their needs requirements and necessities of life.

I initiated a bunch of programmes such as education, community organisation, ecology and environment, water & sanitation, watershed and thrift to facilitate savings and prevent the needy people from approaching private money lenders who charge exorbitant interest and fleece them to the bone.

It is a drought prone area, people migrate in search of succour to greener areas to eke-out a living. Watershed programme has mitigated the hardship.


It is heterogeneous in nature divided on the basis of caste and religion. I fairly succeeded in getting an amalgamation of casts to establish a cast less society. Narration of my good deeds is not to create an amicable interest.

Then my attention is drawn towards HIV/AIDS. It has been found taking heavy toll f vulnerable sections of people. Sex and sexuality cuts across cast, community and religion. Heterogeneous sexuality is main cause of surreptious spread of the HIV/AIDS. My organisation has embarked upon a campaign to create awareness among the people the need to adopt preventive steps to be in tune with the adage that prevention is better than cure, Condoms are made available at vantage points. Usually another disease prompts disclosure. But this one abets concealment.

My awareness campaign has started yielding results. Affected people irrespective of sex shedding their obsession of social boy-cot are forthcoming to make a beeline in search of remedial measures wherever it is available. My organisation is making transport arrangements and escort service to reach them to ART hotpots where antiretroviral therapy treatment is available.

It is an arduous task. Still we do not waver in our attempt to pursue the cause overcoming all hurdles and impediments.

Financial constraint is coming in the way. Magnanimous and philanthropic funding agencies are coming forward to release funds.

Out come of our strenuous efforts are palpable in the mitigation of the disease survey by external agencies reveals that disease is on the decline in the area of operation. We are determined to pursue our efforts without let-up.

Any financial assistance forthcoming from any where and any source we welcome it.

I hope that you may appreciate my good deeds and reward it with expression of satisfaction.

A.What problem it seeks to address.

It seeks to address the surreptious spread of HIV/AIDS sneaking into vulnerable sections of people, due to want of circumspection number of affected people with application of HIV/AIDS can be collected through sex workers who have got an easy access to the affected people. Deployment of sex workers can decoy such people.

B. It is addressed many a way.

Awareness creation, availability of condoms, screening of sexually transmitted diseases, treatment through anti-retroviral therapy, providing transport to the near by specialized hospitals arrangements to make available nutritive food and financial aid to meet contingent expenditure.

C. Number of patients is not constant.

The number may either accelerate or decelerate. HIV/AIDS affected people undergo therapeutic treatment in time. The number of HIV/AIDS afflicted people are vulnerable to T.B. Treatment includes availability of food with nutrient contents. Treatment includes the disease T.B also as HIV/AIDS and T.B. go-together.

D. Definition of “Success: of the programme.

Intensive survey is undertaken to note either rise in number or decline. A clear picture evolves. In the area of operation undertaken by the RRS, percentage of afflicted people is on the wane. It is a sort of solace to the workers that their efforts are fruitful.

Thus the organisation leaves no stone unturned in its efforts to offset the deadly HIV/AIDS, by the methods already enumerated.

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