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I am Balla Jayanna, post graduate in Sociology from reputed Bangalore University. It is not a recent occurrence but from my childhood, I have got a yearning and insatiable thirst for social service. As a result I have discarded certain opportunities of lucrative employment. To get posted even with subtle nuances implicit in voluntary services, I joined by choice as an apprentice in the organization known as “ Indian Rural Reconstruction Movement (IRRM)” founded by a well known veteran Dr. G. N. Reddy at Vijalapuram, Kuppam, Chittoor District of Andhra Pradesh in India. There to my good luck, I was entrusted with several assignments to discharge. It is an unforgettable experience that I cherish forever.

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We aim to provide complete support, protection and care to needy and deprived people in the society with special focus on rural communities; and aim to bring in change in their lives.


We are destined to support the needy rural communities with adequate care, protection, rehabilitation support with innovative service initiatives to alleviate their lives economically, socially, culturally and health wise.


RURAL RECONSTRUCTION SOCIETY, is purely Social Service having a non political, non religious and non commercial character and is mainly engaged in imparting free education to the children from the families belonging to Economically Weaker Section and backward class of the society.



To provide a forum for students, intellectuals, development administrators, business men and civic leaders of the country to undertake all development projects in the Rural area.

To provide a forum for Rural Development Scholars for undertaking systematic and scientific and field experiments.

To function as a centre, as a research body. Training and extension centre in all rural development activities.

To function undertake multi-sectoral action projects to improve: Literacy, Livelihood, Health and Leadership development in the entire area of operation.

To conduct and participate in such other programmes and activities in furtherance of aims and objectives of the Association as are determined by the General Body and the Executive Committee from time to time.

To conducting personality development class and carrier guidelines to Urban, Rural youth.

To generate employment in rural areas & to facilitate participation of financial institutions for higher credit flow to rural industries.

To encourage community participation and empowering the local people. To achieve these objectives, we are established by “ RRS”

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